Authentic Falafel in Ventura, California

We serve a very authentic Falafel recipe made using fresh Garbanzo beans. In suburban locations such as Ventura, locating a deli which serves true Falafel can be a challenge. We specialize in middle eastern, mediterranean, and levantine cuisine. Falafel is a popular vegetarian dish served throughout the eastern mediterranean (the levant region), although it is actually said to have originated in Egypt. In Israel and Jordan you’ll easily find Falafel being served by street vendors, and it’s one of the most popular snack dishes throughout the middle east.
Deli in Ventura serving Falafel

There are a few variations on the Falafel recipe depending on where it is being made and the personal preferences of the chef. You may find some Falafel recipes that are made using a mix of Garbanzo beans and fava beans. Some Palestinian recipes may not use Fava beans at all and you may find some Egyptian recipes which actually use only Fava beans but not Garbanzo. These beans are typically mixed with onions, garlic, parsley, and other herbs and seasonings. You’ll find a noticable difference between Falafel served in Turkey compared to Falafel served in Saudi Arabia. Even if the beans and the basic recipe are similar, the difference could be in what kinds of sauces, breads, or salads served with the Falafel.

One problem we’ve noticed with many pre-packaged Falafel mixtures that are found in major grocery stores is that they often used pinto beans and other non authentic ingredients rather than Garbanzo beans (chick peas). The taste and texture is much better with Garbanzo recipes, so pre-made Falafel mixtures do not represent the dish as well as possible. Other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Delis around Ventura County and Southern California may not serve an authentic recipe. Our recipe is made using Garbanzo beans for the most classic Falafel taste. Ask what’s in the Falafel so you know what you’re tasting!

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Falafel has become more popular recently in the United States. This may be due to increased interest in middle eastern cuisine, a recent trend for vegetarianism, and a high demand for flavourful healthy foods. Visit our Middle Eastern Deli in Ventura and discover our authentic Falafel recipe!