Santa Cruz Sports Bar

Great food, casual atmosphere, and a large selection of beer!

Welcome to the Santa Cruz sports bar, the ultimate destination for sports enthusiasts and beer connoisseurs alike! Our sports bar is a haven where the thrill of the game meets the pleasure of a perfectly poured brew. With 30 beers on tap, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse and curated selection that caters to every palate. Feel the excitement build as you settle into our comfortable seating, surrounded by fellow sports enthusiasts and 9 TV screens featuring your sports favorite. With every touchdown, slam dunk, or home run, the cheers reverberate through the bar, creating an electric atmosphere that adds to the thrill of the game.

Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you explore new flavors or recommend the perfect pairing for your game day feast. In addition to our impressive beer offerings, we serve up a mouthwatering menu straight from the Green Olive Restaurant.

Cheers to Triumph, Taps, and Touchdowns – Where Every Game Feels Like a Win!

Elevate Your Game,
Elevate Your Glass –
The Pinnacle of Sports and Wine!

So, gather your friends, don your team colors, and join us at Santa Cruz sports bar for an unforgettable sports-watching experience. With 30 beers on tap, every game day becomes a celebration, and every sip is a toast to victory. Cheers to great times, great company, and great beer!

Pouring Passion,
Pouring Pride –
Your Ultimate
Sports Oasis!