Authentic Shawarma in Ventura, California

We prepare Shawarma in the most authentic style. Our chicken Shawarma and tri-tip / lamb Shawarma is grilled on a rotating vertical spit near an open flame. The spit is the large vertical skewer with the cone shaped cooking on it. Much of the Shawarma flavor is a result of the meat slow cooking in its juices – this creates a very tender and flavorful meat. Finely slicing the Shawarma from the spit enhances the flavor and texture of the meat. We serve our Shawarma as a traditional plate with hummus, banana peppers, toasted pita bread, garlic sauce, tahini sauce, and tabouli or as chicken and tri tip / lamb Shawarma tacos.
Shawarma can be difficult to find
Large cities such as Los Angeles or New York have many choices for authentic Shawarma and other middle eastern dishes, but finding Shawarma which is true to the original recipe can be difficult in smaller areas such as Ventura County. Shawarma can be found in most middle eastern countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Cyprus, and other countries. The recipe may vary slightly depending on the region, country, or the person preparing it. It is important to us to provide a deli in Ventura which provides authentic Shawarma.
Come try our Shawarma!
Shawarma has increased in popularity in the United States recently. Some fans of Shawarma may search to find the best, most authentic recipe available. Visit Santa Cruz Market in Ventura and try our Shawarma recipe!
Shawarma vs. Gyro
Some people may be confused about the difference between Shawarma and Gyro. Shawarma is typically considered to have originated in Turkey. Traditionally it may be served in a pocketed Pita bread which is stuffed with the Shawarma meat. Assorted sauces may be added depending on the country, region, or chef preparing the Shawarma. Gyro is a Greek version which is also cooked on a spit, but the meat is usually more of a loaf instead of layered meats, and it generally is served on a thicker, flat piece of Pita, and served with the Greek tzatziki sauce.